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We support healthcare professionals with a variety of laboratory diagnostics services to detect (rare) diseases fast.

Your partner for specialized laboratory diagnostics.

ARCHIMEDlife offers both biochemical and genetic testing including biomarker analysis particularly for rare disorders, to fully analyze your patient’s health status. From Inborn Errors of Metabolism to Oncology, we offer a large range of standardized tests to quickly attain reliable diagnostic results.

For several diseases we provide diagnostics by using a Dried Blood Spot (DBS) filter paper card. It means you need to collect less blood which is much less harmful and minimal-invasive for your patient.

Why choosing ARCHIMEDlife as your diagnostic laboratory partner?

  • Different laboratory methods available providing you with high-quality and fast results
  • Highly-experienced team working together with Health Care Professionals all over the world
  • Novel and streamlined laboratory tests
  • Efficient processes and full medical reporting

We are currently working on our new detailed parameter catalogue that will be available soon.

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Please see below our current services, or contact us for any other laboratory test:


Inborn Errors of Metabolism

We are dedicated to providing diagnostics for Rare Disorders and continuously improve and expand our services. We offer diagnostics for:

  • Lysosomal Storage Disorders from Dried Blood Spots (DBS) : enzymatic and genetic testing including biomarkers such as Lyso-Gb3 for Fabry Disease
  • Amino acid and Acylcarnitine profiles for Aminoacidurias, Organoacidurias and Fatty Oxidation Metabolism (from DBS)
  • Methylmalonic acid (from serum/plasma/urine) and Homocystein (from serum/plasma/DBS)

Babies’ Health

Only the early detection of diseases can be life-saving and lead to best clinical outcome. We offer following laboratory tests:

  • Severe Combined Immunodeficiency (SCID) by the detection of TREC (T-cell Receptor Excision circles)  (from DBS)
  • Amino acid and Acylcarnitine profiles for Aminoacidurias, Organoacidurias and Fatty Oxidation Metabolism (from DBS)
  • Lysosomal Storage Disorders: enzymatic and genetic confirmatory testing including biomarkers (from DBS)
  • Several Genetic (confirmatory) Tests on request including oncogenetics, by using only a small amount of blood (from DBS)
  • Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA): SMN1 and SMN2 copy number, and gene sequencing (from DBS)


Inherited Cancer

We offer comprehensive genetic testing for inherited cancer genes. You may choose for testing of:

  • A specific known mutation in a family (also available for Dried Blood Spot filter paper cards)
  • Testing of all major cancer genes of your choice
  • Testing of comprehensive panels (e.g. BRCA1 & 2 and further 24 genes in hereditary breast/ovarian cancer)

Cancer Personalized Medicine

We provide molecular profiling of your tumor samples. You may send paraffin-embedded tumor tissue (FFPE) or circulating-free tumor DNA in peripheral blood samples (liquid biopsy). We offer testing of all major cancer genes, gene panels and exome sequencing (all genes).

We also offer CYP2D6 testing to determine metabolizer status.


Clinical Chemistry

We are specialized in Clinical Mass Spectrometry and continuously expand our parameters. We are currently offering:

  • Ethylglucuronide and Ethylsulfate in urine, plasma and serum: These parameters are relatively new, but specific parameters for the assessment of alcohol consumption
  • 25-OH-Vitamin D2/D3 in plasma and serum including C-3 epimeric form of 25-OH-Vitamin D3 (3-epi-25-OH-Vitamin D3) to avoid potential false high analytical Vitamin D values
  • *New* Therapeutical Drug Monitoring (TDM). Please click here:TDM (in German)

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How to order a test

As a reliable laboratory diagnostic partner we provide Health Care Professionals with a complete testing kit and an easy ordering process.

Please send your request to and get your free sample including the DBS card, infosheet and the Informed Consent Form.
Make sure to include the following information for us for a faster handling:

  • Name
  • Disease and/or test request
  • Any relevant information
  • Your contact information

For fast, easy and secure reporting of your test results, please register at ARCHIMEDlife WEBPORTAL.


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