In January, the amedes group called on their employees to nominate charitable organizations to be supported by the amedes group in the future. The overwhelming number of responses reflects the big heart of the “amedians” – a great spirit! ARCHIMEDlife is happy to present one of their newly selected projects:

The NCL Foundation in Hamburg is a small but heartfelt organization. It fights nationwide for research in the field of pediatric dementia, an incurable metabolic disease that has hardly been researched to date. amedes’ expertise in the field of endocrinology and their new focus on the diagnosis of rare diseases are a good basis for a meaningful partnership.

We congratulate our partners in Rare Disease diagnostics, the amedes group, for selecting to work with the NCL Foundation and hope we can help many affected individuals through increased support!

We are planning a webinar together soon to present the nature of this disease and our activities together.

Learn more about the NCL Foundation at NCL-Stiftung (German) and discover the ARCHIMEDlife diagnostic program for Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis at