At ARCHIMEDlife, our focus continues to be on Rare Diseases and special diagnostics.

Since March 2020, COVID-19 has challenged us all both personally and professionally. Healthcare has changed around the world with fewer patient visits to their doctors to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Unfortunately, this means that patients who may be affected by a Rare Disease may not be visiting a physician and getting tested, inevitably delaying their diagnosis and access to treatment.

Even during this extended pandemic, we continue providing essential and life-saving diagnostics for patients with rare diseases. As part of our efforts, we created a series of webpages dedicated to Rare Diseases. 

Through our website and online WEBPORTAL, physicians can:

  • get information on our testing services and diagnostic panels for Rare Diseases, including detailed information on specific diseases such as Fabry, Pompe, Mucopolysaccharidosis, or Spinal Muscular Atrophy
  • explore all diagnostic services that are supported by Pharma, 
  • request complimentary sampling kits containing Dried Blood Spot cards, 
  • order one of our over 700 different biochemical or genetic analyses for their patients, 
  • and receive the completed medical reports. 

All our services can be accessed fast, secure, and most important, online, which is essential in these complicated times. We invite you to explore our Rare Disease webpages to learn more about how ARCHIMEDlife can help physicians find a diagnosis for their patients.

Visit us at or to learn more. If you need more assistance, we are available to support you at