Sample collection kits using Dried Blood Spot cards

We are experts in the use of dried blood spot technology, and its possibilities to support easy and fast sample collection, transportation, and storage.

All of our services include a no-cost Dried Blood Spot sampling kit. Physicians can order a sampling kit directly from our WEBPORTAL and additionally order diagnostic tests, add patients, track real-time sample status, and download medical reports. Free and accessible with almost any device 24/7.


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What is in an ARCHIMEDlife DBS Kit?

What is in an ARCHIMEDlife DBS Kit?

Our DBS kits contain all the necessary items to collect your patient’s sample, order diagnostic testing, return the sample to our laboratories, and receive your medical report.

Physicians can order a complimentary Diagnostic Sampling Kit directly from the ARCHIMEDlife WEBPORTAL.

Each Diagnostic Sampling Kit includes:

  • Dried Blood Spot (DBS) card
  • Informed Consent Form (ICF)
  • Envelope for the return of the Sampling Kit (including ICF and DBS card) to ARCHIMEDlife Laboratories
  • Stepwise instructions for blood sampling with DBS card
  • Detail Shipping information
  • Important weblinks with details on registering your patient’s sample and downloading the medical report.

Please note only physicians can order a Diagnostics Sampling Kit. If you are a patient, please contact your physician to your discuss options for getting tested by ARCHIMEDlife.

Please contact us with any questions about our Dried Blood Spot sampling kits.

Dried Blood Spot Kit Information

Instructions and other information

Instructions and other information

Review and download instructions and other information related to dried blood spot sampling for adults, children, and newborns.

General instructions for blood collection using a dried blood spot card:

Newborn screening instructions for blood collection using a dried blood spot card:

Please contact us for any questions or information on sample collection and dried blood spot technology.