Biotech and Pharma

We partner Biotech and Pharmaceutical Companies in Diagnostic Services, Development of Novel Lab Tests including Biomarkers and Clinical Studies.

From routine diagnostic service to clinical studies we provide professional diagnostic support.

The ARCHIMEDlife Dual Strategy: From routine laboratory services to the development, validation and certification of project-specific diagnostic assays. We offer you the full range of diagnostic support with our state-of-the-art equipped laboratories from Clinical Mass Spectrometry to Next-Generation Sequencing. We make novel laboratory tests and biomarkers accessible for patients.

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International Diagnostic Services

We support pharmaceutical and biotech companies in performing comprehensive (international) diagnostic services particularly in the area of rare disorders and once novel treatments are available, to raise disease awareness across borders.
We offer the set-up of all relevant processes and infrastructure from logistics, legal and marketing, to comprehensive laboratory analysis and medical reporting. Fast, reliable and high-quality services combined with cutting-edge laboratory technologies from Clinical Mass Spectrometry to Next-Generation Sequencing.

We are already providing services to thousands of physicians in more than 60 countries with all required processes implemented. Just contact us to get in touch with our unique services for your diagnostic initiative:


Biomarker Discovery and Testing

Every day we learn more and more on the nature of diseases. We work hand in hand with international medical and scientific experts in the discovery of new supportive biomarkers or improve existing laboratory tests using innovative technologies. Our experts in the research division are working in several global projects on the identification and evaluation of novel biomarkers in different medical fields with cutting edge technologies.

Our goal is to make biomarkers accessible for patients. Physicians and their patients shall benefit from additional supportive biomarkers for better diagnosis and/or disease monitoring. ARCHIMEDlife´s Dual Strategy is to develop biomarker tests that can be used for diagnostic purposes. Beneficial biomarker tests shall not stay on a research level. Our Development Division (ISO 13485 certified) has all requirements and expertise to validate and certify biomarker tests to make them accessible for patients in a daily routine laboratory.

Successful story of a biomarker: Visit our „Research Institute“ section and take a look on our Publications, and see how a biomarker testing has changed the primary diagnostics particularly for identifying woman at risk with Fabry disease.

Please contact us at to discuss your ideas and how to work together to progress the opportunities available.


Development and Certification of Novel Diagnostic Assays

Novel biomarker or an innovative diagnostic test on the horizon but still on „research use only“ (RUO) level and not validated?

Our Development Division is fully ISO 13485 certified, and we have all necessary regulatory and legal processes in place to validate, certify, register and release any diagnostic assay for the in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) market, or use it in our highly-specialized clinical routine laboratories for your diagnostic project.

The diagnostic market is changing with personalized medicine and novel treatments that become available for e.g. rare disorders or in oncology. So, innovative and better diagnostic assays are needed to characterize patients and their disease, or to monitor progression of disease without or under treatment.

Please contact us at to evaluate together the diagnostic tests you need in your project, and how to improve patient’s life.


Diagnostic Support in Clinical Studies

We offer hiqh-quality services with our strong experience for Clinical Studies and Academic Research.

Our team is well experienced in both biochemistry and genetics applied in medical studies and research projects. Our laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies from Clinical Mass Spectrometry to Next-Generation Sequencing including qualified instruments, and our highly-experienced team will support you from planning to execution of your study.

We provide clinical services including:

  • Sample management
  • Pre-analytical sample work-up and processing
  • Assay development and validation
  • Development of quality control materials and quantification strategies
  • Qualitative and quantitative measurement of metabolites, proteins using Clinical Mass Spectrometry, Immunoassays or cell and bead-based flow cytometry
  • Genetic testing from Sanger to Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) including whole-exome sequencing (WES) and whole-genome sequencing (WGS)
  • Support in bioinformatic and statistical data analysis


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