Five simple steps for ordering our diagnostic services.

1. Ordering a Sample Kit

ARCHIMEDlife Sampling Kits

Dried blood spot technology supports easy and fast sample collection, transportation, and storage. As part of our diagnostic services, we supply complimentary Sampling kits for all of our programs and panels.

Each Sampling kit contains: Informed Consent Form (ICF), Dried Blood Spot card, Instructions for sample collection, Return Envelope for the completed Sampling Kit and Shipping Instructions and other relevant information

2. Collect the Sample

Our tests use less blood making the testing experience as comfortable as possible for patients, young and old. Collecting Dried Blood Spot samples for adults and children is simple, usually, only a few drops of blood are needed from a fingertip. For the littlest of patients, newborn babies, collection from the heel is performed (for Newborn Screening only).

Please find instructions below for Dried Blood Spot sampling techniques including storage and transportation information.

3. Register the DBS Card

Once the sample is collected and dried, the patient and DBS card are registered using our WEBPORTAL providing you sample tracking and status updates including the availability of the Medical Report.

If you are not already enrolled as a WEBPORTAL user, you can easily and quickly sign up online. Download our simple registration instructions or watch our short video tutorial.

Download Registration instructions

4. Return the Sample

After the DBS card is registered, send us the completed Sampling Kit in the provided envelope via our shipping instructions. Please make sure the following items are included in the return envelope before shipping:

  • Signed Informed Consent Form
  • Dried Blood Spot card

Do not use plastic bags or packaging to store the DBS cards as condensation may affect test results.

We will send you an E-Mail when the sample arrives. You can log in to our WEBPORTAL at any time to see status updates and other information.

5. Receive your Medical Report

As soon as your patient’s Medical Report is ready, you will receive an E-Mail from us letting you know the report is available for download from our online WEBPORTAL.

For any questions about ordering diagnostic kits and services, please send us an E-Mail at