We stay open for you and your patients! We used the last days to prepare us to continue our work and services on the highest safety and responsibility. Please communicate this to your colleagues and any health care providers.

The COVID-19 is challenging us as a society but also personally, our families and friends.

Nonetheless, we also have all a responsibility to provide life-saving diagnostics for our patients with Rare Disorders and those who need special diagnostic services. The safety and health of our employees is top priority. We take the COVID-19 situation very seriously. Our ARCHIMEDlife team initiated together preventive procedures and measures including extensive precautions to minimize the risk of infection of our employees.

We stay open for you and your patients, this means for you and us:

  • We have built three independent administration and laboratory teams. This teams have no contact to each other in the next weeks and even months if needed.
  • Facilitating home office for those team members where it is possible, and with immediate effect whilst fully maintaining our services.
  • Comprehensive hygiene instructions and guidelines to minimize risk of infection.
  • Complete business travel restrictions and no visitors to our facilities.
  • Cancellation of all internal and external meetings, courses and events.

We are absolute aware of our responsibility towards our employees but also to guarantee physicians and their patients the access to a full functional laboratory service. ARCHIMEDlife and its team is confident that the precautions we have taken will enable us to continue in providing you our laboratory services where needed on a timely basis, uninterrupted and without significant restrictions.

Please understand, we prioritize samples from:

  • young and old patients with an immediate health risk, and all samples from babies/ newborn screening where time of diagnosis matters to initiate life-saving therapies.

For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us: info@archimedlife.com

All together, we will manage the current situation in the best way.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. David Kasper, CEO of ARCHIMEDlife, on behalf of the entire team.

Please dowload our letter here: OPEN LETTER (PDF)