In our digital world, the exchange of electronic health care information has revolutionized how healthcare is being managed and reported.  ARCHIMEDlife has leveraged the power of digital technology by designing and developing a personalized WEBPORTAL to manage patient care and reporting.

Tools for easy ordering and fast delivery of test results.

The ARCHIMEDlife WEBPORTAL can be used by physicians to easily order tests, add patients, track real-time sample status, download medical reports, and even order follow-up testing.  Conveniently accessible with almost any device and at any time of day.

Our WEBPORTAL is directly connected to our laboratory systems streamlining sample accessioning and result reporting.  This reduces turnaround times resulting in faster access to treatment for patients.

Registration and Log In for WEBPORTAL
Registration for the WEBPORTAL is simple and fast.  Proceed to and click on “Sign up now!”.  Download a registration guide and follow the steps.

Once registered, physicians can order tests, manage patient data and download reports.

For further questions, please contact us via E-Mail

Please note, the WEBPORTAL is service only available for physicians. If you are a patient, please consult your physician about ARCHIMEDlife programs and how to get tested.