ARCHIMED Life Science GmbH – Corporate Overview

Started in 2013, ARCHIMEDlife (ARCHIMED Life Science GmbH) is an independent highly-innovative company dedicated in providing and developing diagnostic services.

Our mission is to provide, to develop and to improve laboratory tests to make actionable health information accessible for patients at the time it matters.

Our Team

Our Team consists of both experienced physicians and lab experts with an advisory team supporting life science companies such as clinical diagnostics, pharma and the scientific community in the preparation and implementation of innovative diagnostic concepts and state-of-the art laboratories technologies.

ARCHIMEDlife has access to a network of highly qualified scientists, MDs, MBAs and legal advisors with outstanding backgrounds.

The DUAL STRATEGY – routine diagnostics and development of novel laboratory tests

Our Routine Diagnostic Lab

Our fully-equipped laboratory is offering diagnostic services from Clinical Mass Spectrometry to Next-Generation Sequencing. We have international collaborations with physicians, clinical researchers and industry specialized in health care.

ARCHIMEDlife runs certified and well-equipped clinical laboratories, and we are ISO 9001 certified, and ISO 15189 is in progress. We continuously conduct proficiency testing and participate in international quality assurance and proficiency testing programs, and are working with qualified instruments.

Our Diagnostics Developing Lab

We commit to develop better and faster high-quality diagnostics for you and your family. We are working closely together with leading manufacturers and research teams worldwide.

One special focus is the development of laboratory tests using Dried Blood Spot filter paper cards, to use less blood to make the testing experience as comfortable as possible for everyone.

Our ARCHIMEDlife Diagnostics Developing Lab is ISO 13485 certified. All our tests are developed and validated according to different international guidelines published by e.g. CLSI or FDA.

Hereby, the scope is on new, highly innovative technologies optimizing both speed and accuracy of diagnostic tests at highest quality standards.