Support for fast delivery of test results

The ARCHIMEDlife WEBPORTAL can be used by physicians to easily retrieve test results.

Physicians can register for and log in to the WEBPORTAL online at any time.

Use for physicians / DBS-ID

After your registration as physician with your E-Mail address and password you can easily manage the data and results of your patients.
To do this you have to create a patient file in your account on the WEBPORTAL by using the DBS-ID, which you can find on the Dried Blood Spot card as Serial Number (SN).

You can then always check the processing status of the returned tests and you will receive an E-Mail notification as soon as the test results are available. The WEBPORTAL is the perfect support for the fast delivery of test results.

Registration and Log In for WEBPORTAL
Physicians can easily register for the WEBPORTAL. Follow the steps by providing the necessary information and filling in the complete data. You can find instructions on the welcome page if needed. For further questions please contact us via E-Mail (
If you are a patient, please consult your physician to get tested by ARCHIMEDlife and fast obtain your test results by using the ARCHIMEDlife WEBPORTAL.

Follow up order
You can also use the WEBPORTAL to order additional tests.

Instructions for Registration and Log In, please click here:

Please note, that the WEBPORTAL is only available for physicians.

You can find the Terms of Use for the ARCHIMEDlife WEBPORTAL and the Terms and Conditions of ARCHIMED Life Science GmbH here.