Diagnostic Services

Five simple steps for using our services


ARCHIMEDlife offers a wide range of highly-specialized biochemical and genetic testing including biomarker analysis for Rare Diseases and beyond. Our services are available to physicians and health care providers at a competitive price.

For pricing, invoicing or any other questions, please contact us at: info@archimedlife.com.

How to Order

  1. Login to our WEBPORTAL to view the available diagnostic services. If you do not have an account, you can create one here.
  2. Select your desired parameter.
  3. Register your patient/sample.
  4. Submit your order.
  5. Send the sample to ARCHIMEDlife Laboratories.

E-Mail notifications will be sent when the sample arrives in our lab and when the medical report is available for download.

Sample Collection

Sample collection is fast and easy using Dried Blood Spot (DBS) cards. Use your own Dried Blood Spot card or order a complimentary DBS Sampling kit from us using our WEBPORTAL.

* Some diagnostic services are sponsored by Pharma. Availability varies by country or region. Visit our WEBPORTAL to see what Pharma Sponsored Services are available or contact your local Pharma representative.