Diagnostic testing using the Dried Blood Spot card

Smaller sample volume. Massive impact. Using Dried Blood Spots.

We are experts in the use of this alternative sampling technology for body fluids, and its possibilities to support easy and fast sample collection, transportation and storage.

One drop of blood – many possibilities.

Our tests use less blood to make the testing experience as comfortable as possible for everyone. Usually only a few drops of blood are needed from fingertip or from Babies‘ heel.

To receive more information please contact your physician how to get ARCHIMEDlife blood tests as your laboratory diagnostic partner.

ARCHIMEDlife Test Kit

We provide an ARCHIMEDlife Test Kit including a Dried Blood Spot card, ICF and return envelope.

Physicians can use the ARCHIMEDlife WEBPORTAL to order Test Kits and receive Medical Reports online.

Please find detailed information below on correct sampling and the use of Dried Blood Spot cards: