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As a Medical Laboratory we support Healthcare Professionals with a variety of Laboratory Diagnostics services to detect (Rare) Diseases fast.

David Kasper

“As the former Head of Pediatric Laboratories and Director of the Austrian Newborn Screening Program, I was always asking how can we improve our laboratory services for babies or in general for individuals with Rare Disorders searching often years for a final diagnosis?
Novel laboratory techniques as well the combination from Clinical Mass Spectrometry to Next-Generation Sequencing spectrometry might be the way for a more personalized medicine. Consequently, we have started to work on novel, fast and accurate strategies using high-tech laboratory instruments and ingenious blood sampling strategies such as Dried Blood Spots, to improve lab diagnostic services for the better health of our patients.”

Send me an E-Mail about your ideas and let me know how you think we can improve laboratory services together: d.kasper@archimedlife.com.
My research profile: on LinkedIn, and Publications on Researchgate

Medical Laboratory

ARCHIMEDlife started in 2013 as an innovative Austrian diagnostics and clinical research specialist with a strong focus on providing laboratory services for Rare Disease and personalized medicine including biochemical, genetic and novel biomarker testing.

From Clinical Mass Spectrometry to Next-Generation Sequencing


Within a few years, due to the unique laboratory test panel and its enthusiastic and highly-professional team, the firm has now managed to build relationships with more than 20,000 healthcare practitioners in 75 different countries worldwide.


As a pioneer for personalized healthcare, ARCHIMEDlife is constantly driving its innovative power to serveral metabolic and oncological, and expands its portfolio to several metabolic diagnostics and newborn screening services.


As an innovator for optimized and novel diagnostic services, ARCHIMEDlife is certified as an in vitro diagnostic manufacturer. The ability to act as an exclusive diagnostic kit developer and producer enables to provide more and often unique high- quality tests for further (rare) diseases in a special niche diagnostic area.

Strong Partner
in a Highly Dynamic Field

Innovative Leadership – Quality

The constant innovative leadership is driven by the excellence of its employees and the successful development of unique testing procedures in a highly professional environment, which positions ARCHIMEDlife as an irreplaceable long-term partner with in the last years.

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