It´s RARE DISEASES day, also at

Feb 28th, 2017: For most people it´s like any other day in February, but for some it is clearly not.

Many people worldwide suffer from Rare Diseases, conditions that affect less than 1 in 2000 people. Such diseases may require special treatment (with so called orphan drugs) and patients affected are often difficult to diagnose timely.

Orphan drugs
Affected patients with Rare Diseases usually may suffer for a long period of time because specific treatment is limited. Only a handful of pharma companies are currently developing effective medication.

The 28th / 29th of February reminds us, that there are children and adults – whole families – that are needlessly denied a normal life because there is no appropriate treatment available for their specific disease.

Personalized medicine after personalized diagnosis
Like many patient organisations worldwide we like to share this knowledge and draw your attention to the fact, that the earlier you detect illnesses with appropriate lab tests, the sooner specific treatment can be started.

By the better understanding of the nature of the disease, new medication can be developed to improve the patients´ health. ARCHIMEDlife is a highly innovative laboratory diagnostic and clinical research company.

We know that personalized diagnostics helps to make personalized medicine more easily available. We are dedicated to the development of novel laboratory tests to make actionable health information accessible at the time it matters. The sooner a patient with a rare disease is diagnosed, the earlier an appropriate drug can be applied thus best outcome can be achieved.
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